Tyler Moore - Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

Born into a musically talented family, Tyler stepped into his grandpa's shoes and started down the path of the violin 20 years ago and hasn't strayed yet. Tyler got his classical training with the violin from Ohio University, but, having a jazz drummer for a father, he found himself unable to focus on just one style of music.

While Two2Many is his most recent musical endeavor, he is also a member of the Americeltic Rock Band “Homeland”, thanks in no small part to a certain “Dah Fiddlah” Smith, that continues to rock out festival stages all over Ohio.

He has also played in orchestras, quartets, a latin jazz band, and a "new age klezmer" band, not to mention the jam sessions, Irish sessions, and numerous side recordings through college.

While not all styles lend themselves easily to the violin, Tyler has and continues to be open to trying any new style at least once. Having experienced a decent amount of success with performing, he has been successful teaching private violin lessons in classical, improvisation, and Celtic fiddle as owner of T&G's Music Studios.
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