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Keri McBride - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Keri’s trained vocal qualities and unbridled onstage enthusiasm have made her a standout within Two2Many. Her passionate delivery and onstage presence make her a joy to experience.

She’s loved a variety of music since her formative years. When asked by her first grade teacher within the Catholic school she attended what was her favorite song, she replied, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (by Black Sabbath). Of course her teacher was appalled and her parents were called in, but that instance served to illustrate her honesty and willingness to defend the music she enjoyed.

Her school experience included 4 years performing in choir, with 2 years as a member of the select choir. Additionally she sang and performed in the musical, Aida. In 2008 she joined the Firestarters as a backing vocalist. Then, in 2010 she was asked to sing onstage with Two2Many at the Dublin Irish Festival. During that performance she earned a standing ovation for her delivery of “He Moved Through the Fair”, causing several audience members eyes to well up with tears due to the passion of her delivery. From that point on her confidence soared and she now holds the “lead vocals” rank with Two2Many.

Since the fall of 2011 Keri has quickly learned to play guitar, and arranged some of her favorite songs to be included in Two2Many sets using her guitar accompaniment. As an Irish festival director so aptly put it recently, “That girl can sing!”  An author residing in Georgia stated, "Keri has the most amazing and haunting voice! She reminds me of Delores O'Riordan or Sinead O'Conner - gorgeous voice!"
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