...the days before Air Conditioning, Cable, Nintendo, and Wii... When the kitchen, living room, porch, or patio were the places families and friends got together to have fun?  Those were also the times when families and friends pulled out their musical instruments to sing, tell stories and laugh. This is the whole foundation behind Two2Many.

Two2Many is as much a concept as it is a musical act. It is the wish of 4 musicians/singers to bring those times of music, laughter and stories back into each and everyone of us. The idea is to just have a good time, and to share that time with you; our friends.  Audiences have had so much fun singing and laughing along with this band through the years.  We thrive on your participation, and love it when people feel compelled to dance, sing, or giggle during any of our shows.

We play traditional Irish music, some of our own original compositions, plus songs from those of Irish heritage, while putting a TWO2MANY spin on all of it.

Two2Many...        Irish for the Irish
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 Tyler Moore        Karl Wohlwend     Keri McBride     John McBride